Tuba Ergin | About
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Having completed her high school education in Chicago, US, Tuba Ergin took fashion design courses at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2000, she completed a Fashion Design and Marketing diploma program at La Salle Academy. Since 2002, Ergin has provided consultancy and collection services to brands in Turkey, including Network, US Polo, Lacoste, and Koton. In 2010, she created her own brand called Garden Of Denim Design, G.O.D.D., and started to sell her designs at private boutiques in 7 countries after participating in the Cph, Premium, Who’s Next and White exhibitions. Creating her own ”TUBA ERGIN” brand in 2013, she started to actively participate in Istanbul Fashion Week. She prepared the capsule collection “Tuba Ergin for Desa” in cooperation with the Desa brand. As one of the 7 Turkish designers selected by Vogue Italy and Turkish Leather Brands, Ergin published her collections in L’UOMO VOGUE and VOGUE Italia.


Tuba Ergin designs her collection for extraordinary, strong, environment-sensitive and refined women, and stands out with her innovative, experimentalist, and wearable designs. The designer is inspired by all kinds of arts, natural materials, technology, and street cultures.